Services: Art Direction (Film/Stills)  

Estée Lauder x IU

Global Ambassador Campaign 2024

This project was done with Seoul based creative studio MOTHER Media. For the announcement of IU as Estée Lauder’s global ambassador, we explored the idea of night as a beginning. Contrary to the common belief that night symbolizes an end, we are redefining it as an initiation into a world where mystery and beauty converge. This film, directed by Woogie Kim, aims to highlight the transformative power of the night, which ushers in a morning of extraordinary possibilities.
My role was to set the art direction for the film and stills for this campaign. I worked closely with the Estée Lauder team and ROH House, the art department/set design team, to ensure each space in the film felt genuine and had lighting conditions that reflected the respective times of day. The sets for the stills also had to be cohesive with the film and align with the global campaign for Double Wear. Additionally, I designed the creative deck, lightbox mock-ups, assisted in storyboard development, and provided any necessary creative support for the project.

Creative/Production: MOTHER Media, Director: Kim Woogie, Photographer: Ahn Joo Young, Stylist: Park Sejun, Makeup: Seo Ok, Hair: Kim Ggotbi, Art Direction: Annie Nguyen, Art Department/Set Build: ROH House, Colorist: Kim Sooyoung Client: Estée Lauder

ABOVE                        Campaign Stills

ABOVE                         Teaser + Behind the Scenes

Double Wear Campaign Visual
Example of Double Wear set design.

ABOVE                         Behind the Scenes