Logi(tech) IDENT SP2021
Services: Direction  

Logi(tech) Ident 

Ident animation designed by ManvsMachine. Please note that the Lil Nas X commercials were created by the respective Logitech teams. It is shown here to show the identity animation in use only. 

The Logitech brand has evolved and matured. We recognize that 'Logi' is a more accurate representation of the playful and vibrant rebrand.

While 'Logi' is already being utilized in many cases, we understand the need to firmly implant the new name and brand identity in our viewer. Our goal was to explore the multitude of ways we can animate the Logitech logo, with emphasis on 'Logi,' to improve recall and create a lasting impression on our viewer.

As apart of the ManvsMachine team, my role was in defining the various directions we could explore to aide in recall with consumers. The ask was how do we remind consumers of “Logitech” but emphasize “Logi” in a concise and playful manner. 

Animation Board Design: Kevin Heo, Animation: Ben Bullock. Created at ManvsMachine.

Final Logo Animation     

Select animation storyboard exploration by Kevin Heo     

Example of ident animation in use on Logitech Superbowl and Defy Logic commercials.
Please note, these commercials are by Logitech and respective teams.
We were not responsible for the commercials.

Select animation exploration
by Ben Bullock

ABOVE                         Logitech Identity Exploration