Services: Creative Direction / Production / Post Production  

The Task

Developed creative and executed art direction for both Nike Fall/Winter + Holiday 2018 Power Franchise shoots. Helped Nike develop clear identities for each one of their Power Franchises to aid the consumer on distinguishing each line. The creative direction included everything from overall look and feel, to planning out set designs with production teams as well as selecting locations. I also assisted on the production planning of the shoots – down to planning a schedule of our production days and in staffing the shoots.

In total, each shoot required minimum 7 different art direction concepts and consisted of 30+ SKUs. Both shoots were completed in either 3 or 4 days of production. Overall, 5 weeks from concept to project wrap delivering 100+ assets in both video and stills. These assets went on to live on as well as digital banner ads and sponsored posts. Nike saw an increase in engagement and performance surpassed their global content.

Photography: Jacqueline Di Milia, Stylist: Fall 2018 – Anda (of Anda & Masha), assisted by Ryan Dodson. Holiday 2018 – Chris Horan, assisted by Sid Aiono, Tyler Cunninham and Lauren Jeworski, Hair & Makeup: Fall 2018 – Diana Campos, Rachel Nicole Pagan. Holiday 2018: Melissa De La Torre, Mariel Duenas, Filming: Joseph Loeffler

ABOVE                         Epic React, Outdoor + Indoor Testing (Fall/Winter 2018)


ABOVE                         Air Force 1, Off Body + On Body Testing (Fall/Winter 2018)


ABOVE                         Hyperfemme Pack, Indoor Set Build (Holiday 2018)

ABOVE                         Vapormax, Outdoor + Indoor Testing (Fall/Winter 2018)


ABOVE                         Cortez, In Situ (Holiday 2018)

ABOVE                         Vapormax, Indoor Set Build (Holiday 2018)


ABOVE                         Airmax + Pegasus, Outdoor In Situ (Holiday 2018)