Services: Creative + Art Direction / Design / Post Production  

Nike 13.1 Campaign

13.1 Campaign featured 17 different women who were all participating in the 13.1 Marathon. The task was to develop a unique set that would allow for photo, video and interview capture. My role was to develop overall creative as well as direct both photo and video shoots. Helped with interview process alongside Sundai Johnson, Editorial Manager, to ensure responses adhered to weekly interview themes and social media cadence. I also structured transcripts of all 17 interviews for post production team as well as oversaw design of social media assets for this project. Campaign was slated to run from 1st – 2nd Quarter of 2020.

Photography: Hana Asano, Asst: Carlos Quinteros Jr, Digi Tech: John Talay, DP: Marianne Williams, Set Design: Dureen Truong, Stylist: Ashley Guerzon, Hair & Makeup: Melissa De La Torre. Agency: Another ︎

ABOVE                         13.1 In-Store Display 2020, Nike at The Grove

ABOVE                         Select Portraits from 13.1, On Set